Hello World

This is a very first post in my new minimalistic geek blog based on Octopress framework for Jekyll blogging.

It is supposed to be simple and easy to maintain. It supports markdown writing only, has no Admin section and you have to commit changes to GitHub in order to publish a new post. So if I make a spelling mistake or type, you can fork the repository, fix it and make a pull request. ;)

I used to have several blogs in the past. One was a photography blog based on Wordpress, another photo blog in Tumblr and the last one based on BlogEngine.Net with some own custom modifications was my personal blog.

All blogs I used to have, were in Russian only. It is my first attempt to write a blog in English. It supposed to serve all my English, Russian and Hebrew speaking friends.

I’m going to write here about the things that interest me and may be interesting to read for others as well. I’m going to share here stuff related to my workplace and hobbies. It is important for me to get feedback. So if you read a post and you care or have something to say about it, please comment or share with others. You can also subscribe to this blog RSS feed to get updates.

I have to stop talking to myself as nobody read first blog posts… :)