What Have I Learned From Looking for a New Job

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I left eToro about 2 months ago and started to look for a new challenge. It was my first time actively looking for a job and trying to “sell” myself. :)

Below you will find a list of things I learned from the process of looking for a new job:

  1. If you can afford it, leave your current job before you found a new one. It gives you more time to look for a new job and you can do it transparently without hiding. That’s what I did.

  2. At the beginning, you have to understand what kind of job and in which type of company you are looking for. This is good for training on your pitch and to make a focus. When you know what you are looking, you can decline job opportunities which looks less appealing for you.

  3. Looking for a new job is fun. You have the opportunity to meet a lot of new interesting and sometimes inspiring people. Quit your job now! :)

  4. Don’t trust recruitment agencies. Their recruitment procedures are outdated and not aligned with real market needs. Use social networks and your connections.

  5. LinkedIn is working. Add a new company and call it “Looking for new challenges/opportunities” in your LinkedIn profile. You will receive 300% increase in profile views and at least one new job opportunity a day in your private inbox.

  6. Look for people (team) and culture, but not for product, company or technology stack. You have to work with people at the end of the day.

  7. It takes time to open your mind after a long period employed in one place. Meet old friends who were working with you and who you respect, see what they are doing. It will give you more ideas or maybe you can join forces.

  8. Learn something new, you have plenty of free time now. Read books you always wanted to read, but couldn’t do it because you were busy at work. Learn that new technology and hack something. Spare more time with your family, kids, yourself. You won’t have this time for long.

Let me know what you think and if you have some other findings.